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High Desert HOAMCO Office
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12/25/23 through 1/1/24

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Reminders and Notices

October 27, 2023

Winter and Snow Removal

Winter is on the way! At their recent quarterly meeting, the Voting Members discussed the upcoming snow season for plowing and shoveling. Click here to see the snow protocol in a pdf link.

March 13, 2023

Support Your Community: Make a Change or Keep It the Way You Want!!

There are less than 30 days to Submit applications for the four open Board of Directors positions.

High Desert is one of the nicest places to live in Albuquerque and perhaps the best place many of us have ever lived. Do you want to make it even better? Do you want to make a change to your community? Or do you want to keep it the way you like it? If you have the desire, skills, and experience to support this wonderful community, if you see something that you would like to fix, and if you want to know your neighbors and neighborhood better, now is your chance! Submit your name for one of the open positions for a two-year term on the High Desert Board of Directors.

Among the pressing current and future issues that will require your support are:

  • Elena Gallegos Open SpaceShould the Board remain neutral or take a more active position on the City proposed changes to this recreational space north and east of our community?
  • NM HR 425This is a State Legislature proposal that would drastically alter the limited use restrictions that are at the very core of our governing covenants and the very reason many of us have chosen to live in High Desert. What can the Board do to counter such legislation?
  • MaintenanceCommon walls are deteriorating and badly in need of repairs. These repairs constitute the largest expenditure, have a direct bearing on rising association fees and the value of your property. What should be the priorities and at what cost?
  • LandscapingWhat should be the course for High Desert for enduring and sustainable landscaping? How should we be maintaining the arroyos?
  • WaterWhat can be done to minimize water utilities, which are one of the larger High Desert expenses?

Not sure of what’s required of a Board Member? There are plenty of past and present, experienced Board Members who can guide and orient you. New Board Members will be trained in the financial and operational aspects of the High Desert Board. To make being a Board Member easier, the meeting times have been changed to be outside normal working hours and the Board has insurance for legal liabilities. In addition to Board meetings, future meetings may also include team-building events like dinners or lunches. Other changes are in the works to set the course for a more responsive Board.

If this vision ignites your desire to know and improve your community, please submit your Statement of Interest (SOI) by April 6, 2023. If you have any questions, please call Ray Berg at 505-366-8104 or email Please contact Ray when you submit your SOI so that we may know your interest. The SOI template can be accessed and completed online on the High Desert website. See this link for the Upcoming Elections process.

The Nominating Committee looks forward to receiving your SOIs. If you don’t feel you can meet the obligations for being on the Board, please talk to a past or present Board Member or please consider other volunteer opportunities on committees (such as the Nominating Committee), events, or as a Voting Member.

Ray Berg- Chair, Harry Jones-Mentor, Bomi Parakh, Mark Soo Hoo, and Millie Yamada